Zinc Roofing

Leading the way in industrial and domestic metal roofing, are JTC Roofing. With specialist knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment, our team of roofers are experts in installing zinc roofing. Our team are also experienced in installing zinc cladding and guttering.

Zinc repels corrosion, given the correct build up, making it a perfect metal for external use, as it will remain intact throughout all seasons and weathers. Not only this, zinc is also an extremely strong and durable material, and at cost effective prices, makes it the most sought after roofing material.

Our highly trained roofers can offer their expert advice on finding the right metal roofing for your property, whether industrial, commercial or domestic. We are also available to carry out free surveys and give free quotes as part of our excellent customer service.

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Zinc Roofing FAQs

For further information on zinc roofing, feel free to have a browse through our FAQs. If you have a question or a query that we haven’t covered below, please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Q. What are the different laying methods?

A. Batten roll, standing seams, integral clipping and sliding clips are all laying methods of zinc roofing.

Q. What underlay should you use?

A. There is Delta Trella™ or Vapozinc for Rheinzink material, or for VM material, use a VM breathable underlay.

Q. How much does a zinc roof cost in the UK?

A. For the price of a zinc roof per square metre (1 m2), contact JTC Roofing to talk to a specialist.

Q. How much does zinc weigh?

A. Approximately per square meter (1 m2), 0.7mm is 5 kg and 0.8mm is 5.8 kg.

Q. What are the main advantages of zinc roofing?

A. Zinc is resistant to corrosion, self-healing, a cost effective material and is 100% recyclable too.

Q. What is the lifespan of a zinc roof?

A. If located in an unpolluted environment, a zinc roof can typically last for up to 100 years. However, this can be reduced if exposed to certain elements, such as in a marine atmosphere, where it would only last between 60 and 80 years.

Q. Where can zinc be found?

A. With an average of 80 g of zinc per ton in the Earth’s crust, Zinc can be found in many places, including: rocks, soil, water, minerals and the air, as it naturally contains concentrations of it.

Q. Do JTC Roofing provide other zinc products?

A. Yes, we provide zinc cladding and guttering to a roof.

Q. Is there a risk of a zinc shortage in the future?

A. Based on the efforts made to recycle and the 1.9 billion tons of mining reserves there are, it is safe to say that zinc will continue to be available for use for over a century.

Q. What are the main countries or regions where zinc is mined?

A. As a result of geological processes, there are certain high levels of zinc concentrated in certain areas of the world. Zinc ore is mainly mined in:

  • 1. China
  • 2. Peru
  • 3. Australia
  • 4. USA
  • 5. Canada
  • 6. India
  • 7. Kazakhstan
  • 8. Bolivia
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