The Rise of Metal Theft for Churches & Cathedrals

As scrap metal prices increase, so does metal roof theft and the sad reality is, churches, cathedrals, farms and heritage sites are being targeted for their metals. Police are warning establishments to put adequate security measures in place to prevent criminals from stealing steel, copper and lead from these properties. So, to remove the temptation and to prevent criminals from helping themselves to these metals, there are some things that you can do. Read on below to learn more about how to prevent metal theft. 



How to prevent metal roof theft

Since the price in scrap lead, copper and steel are rising, the idea of theft is becoming increasingly attractive to thieves. Crimes like this are extremely damaging to local neighbourhoods, so it’s always important for: 

  • CCTV to be in operation
  • Metals to be locked away (if possible)
  • Surveyors to be notified and have a building inspection
  •  Insurance companies and close by congregations to be told about the risk
  • The public to call in anything suspicious that they see around their local communities
  • Risk assessments to be performed
  • Roof access to be protected to prevent vehicles from entering the site

People who are responsible for sites where these types of materials are plenty, take a look at the security footage and try to remove any noticeable temptations where possible. Otherwise, it’s important to directly point CCTV cameras directly at the areas in question to make crooks think twice.


Reporting metal theft

If you notice metal missing from your roof be sure to contact the police as soon as you spot it. If you see any unusual activity, call 999, stay safe and do not confront them. If the criminal offence has already happened, call 101. 


Why are roofs a target for scrap metal theft?

When there are increased global demands for metals, thieves target areas where steel, copper and lead is ample. Roofs are often the prime target because roofs cover an expansive area and they can’t be locked away out of reach, so, unfortunately, this makes it easy to obtain metals. 

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