Summer Roofing Maintenance Tips

Now that the summer is in full swing, the chances of experiencing inclement weather are greatly reduced. This means that the summer months are the ideal time of the year to carry out some preventative work around the house to make sure that the property is ready to face the less favourable autumn and winter conditions. Keeping metal roofs in good condition is a crucial part of any summer maintenance routine. Although metal roofs are resilient, failing to maintain them can reduce their effectiveness and result in serious damage to your property. Small and apparently insignificant cracks can quickly deteriorate over the winter, causing leaks, water damage, and eventually becoming a safety hazard. Following the tips listed below will help avoid nasty surprises and costly repairs.

 Check your roof for signs of rust or oxidation

If your roof contains steel panels or other steel components, it is imperative that you check for signs of rust or oxidation on a regular basis. Even the smallest rust stain can become a problem once the wet weather sets in, so use a rust remover that is compatible with your roof and spray it over the affected areas. Finding the source of the problem is just as important. Usually, the culprits are antennas or pipes, so clean them thoroughly and apply a rust inhibiting treatment to all affected areas. Another source could be migrant filings and dust windblown – which in the case of a stainless steel roof will be initially unsightly but these may be cleaned off with soapy water.

Pay attention to the flashing

When a roof is not properly maintained, the flashing will be one of the first areas where problems appear. Make sure that there are no voids or gaps between the flashing and the roof’s metal panels. If you find gaps, you will have to decide between a temporary solution (applying sealant) or a permanent one (replacing the flashing). Also pointing to the flashings may begin to crack with thermal movement and should be noted.

 Check for roof integrity

Metal panels can become lose and seams can split, so pay special attention to transition points like chimneys, roof-to-wall joints, plumbing vents, and valleys. Also, it’s worth checking the places where small animals can settle into and create homes, as this could cause bigger problems later down the line.

 Call the roof experts

Things like metal composition and structural design can result in different maintenance requirements for your roof. If you are new to metal roofs, it pays off to contact a roofing contractor who can assess your particular needs.

JTC Roofing are an established metal roofing specialist that has extensive experience maintaining all types of metal roofs including; zinc, stainless steel, copper, and lead. Their services include design, installation, and maintenance of metal roofs and free advice and quotations are available. So if you need a helping hand to make sure your metal roof is in good condition for the wintery months ahead, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team here at JTC Roofing.



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