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Protect your Lead Roof from Thieves

With the economy the way it is, thieves are getting a little more resourceful and a little more brazen, stealing things that you might not have thought possible. For instance, your lead roofing. Regardless to it being firmly nailed down, with the price of metals going up, thieves have found a way to turn your lead into their gold. Don’t be caught with your roof stripped clean and sold as reclaimed metal to a recycler, ensure you have some means of protection and are aware of the risks associated with lead roofing, gutters and piping. This is especially important if you are head of a church or school; it only makes sense since larger roofs make the reward to risk payoff for thieves all the greater. Read on to see what you can do to prevent lead roofing theft.

Community Awareness

As with most criminal activity, community awareness is great place to start with preventing lead roofing theft. Since the material in question is out in plain view (your roof!) it stands to reason that someone might see something. If your neighbours have been notified about the threat of lead roofing theft, they are far more likely to be suspicious instead of complacent. Talk to neighbours, put up posters and generally raise awareness in the surrounding community. Ensure that those living and working nearby have a suitable phone number to contact in case suspicious activity is spotted. Awareness can be the key to keeping your roof lead where it is.

General Anti-theft Tactics

Generally if an owner makes it difficult for a thief to make off with their belongs, the thief will go to green pastures. For protecting your lead roof, gutters and piping this could include making sure ladders are not left out and pruning back tall trees that might give access. Visibility is also a viable security option, security lighting and ensuring that shrubs and bushes are pruned in order to promote visibility will make thieves think twice before scaling your roof in order to steal from you. Obvious things like ensuring back gates are kept locked and other entry points are not accessible after hours help as well. The key idea is to make stealing not worth the risk or effort.

Technological Deterrents

Since roofing costs money and you don’t want to see your investment get stolen, it may be prudent to purchase some security measures. Anti-climb paint for drainpipes can help, making them slick to the touch and not easily grasped. Signs should be posted as both an added deterrent and for liability reasons. SelectaDNA Grease is another interesting product. This grease marks any object with a unique DNA sequence that is registered with the company and can be used to identify lost property if it is stolen and found by authorities. It should be noted that the grease can be applied to any construction material to guard against theft. Smartwater is also another excellent way to protect your lead roof and is common amongst churches and other heritage buildings. How does it work? Well your roof is painted with a chemically coded liquid that can be uniquely traced, deterring any future crime.

A good roof is essential and costly, representing a significant investment on the part of the owner. But one thing is for sure, you can carry on enjoying the benefits of your metal roof for years to come if you follow our simple suggestions above!

For further information on lead or metal roofing, simply get in touch with the team at JTC Roofing.



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