Our Metal Roofing Guarantee

At JTC Roofing, we always aim to provide our customers with the highest quality workmanship every step of the way. All metal roofing installations we perform, whether domestic, commercial or industrial, are carried out to the strictest standards. As such, we take our work and our relationship with our customers seriously.

Before the work is finalised, our customers are required to read and agree to our metal roofing guarantee. We value transparency, so we thought we’d dive deeper into our metal roofing guarantee here, so you know exactly what’s involved when you choose JTC Roofing for your roofing needs.


No matter what metal roofing material you choose, JTC Roofing ensures any manufacturer guarantees are passed on to you. That goes for copper, zinc, stainless steel, lead and all metal roofline products.

In terms of a customer’s obligations, there are some important aspects of metal roof work that we like to make our clients aware of well in advance. There are a few things a warranty will not cover, namely damage or defects that are a result of action taken by the client after installation, or outside influences such as abnormal weather conditions. Examples include:

  • Improper handling of the material
  • Neglect, abuse or misuse of the roof
  • Repair or alteration carried out by a third party (who is not a member of the FTMRC – The Federation Of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors)
  • Structural movement or changes to the materials to which the roof is attached
  • Incorrect design of the materials to which the roof is attached
  • Force Majeure – damage caused by natural phenomena, such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes
  • Performance of any coating or paints added to the roof
  • Any other damage not attributable to the manufacturer


A new roof should only ever be installed by a reputable roofing company, one who understands the importance of quality workmanship that you can rely on.

At JTC Roofing we ensure that, should a fault occur within a 10 year period after installation, we will carry out repairs free of charge to rectify the problem. This applies to faults occurring as a result of our installation or fixing procedure.

This guarantee comes with the following conditions:

  • The customer has taken all reasonable measures to maintain the roof in a serviceable condition
  • The customer notifies the installer, in writing, of any roof leaks within ten days of discovery
  • Should a claim be invalid, the customer agrees to pay the installer a call out charge for a survey and a provision of a report in the sum of £300, plus mileage expenses of £0.80 per mile or an agreed hourly charge as determined by the company
  • Guarantors, installers and employees given free parking during the work period, and access to the roof during normal business hours
  • Does not apply to damage caused by abnormal conditions, such as subsidence, vandalism, condensation, faulty design by a third party, tampering of any kind, or any excessive foot traffic on the roof not previously stated by the customer as expected usage for the roof
  • Excludes consequential loss
  • The invoice has been paid in full

When choosing JTC Roofing, clients will receive a copy of our metal roofing guarantee, which they can read and – if satisfied – agree to, ensuring they can make a fully-informed decision before any work is started.

If youre in need of metal roofing specialists, or require any more information on the guarantees surrounding the different metal roofing types, simply contact JTC Roofing today. We install a range of metal roofing materials across the UK, undertaking projects of all sizes and scales.


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