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Guttering Components

What are the components of a gutter?

You probably don’t think too much about your gutter system – unless something has gone wrong with it. While it might look like a simple setup of a few plastic pipes fitted together, there are quite a few separate components that go into a guttering system to make sure it performs to its full potential.

The diagram below gives you a full overview of these components, so if something does go wrong and you need to repair or replace a segment of the gutter, you’ll know exactly what the issue is and what new parts you need.

Stop End

Fitted at the very end of the gutter - protruding past the roof profile - a stop end closes off the open end of the gutter run, ensuring run-off water is collected and handled properly.

Running Outlet

This joins the downpipe to the rest of the guttering above.

Gutter Angle

Simple angled section to connect your gutter - and to channel water - around corners.


Curved plastic pipe which makes up the straight section of your gutter system - channels water along until it reaches the downpipe.

Offset Bend

Used to steer the guttering over angles - such as roof eaves - to direct the downpipe back towards the exterior wall of the property.

Support Bracket

Screws directly on to the fascia board, providing structural support for the gutter.


Basically a vertical counterpart of the gutter. Downpipes run down towards the ground, fitted against the exterior wall, leading water either to the ground away from the property, or directly into a drain.

Downpipe Shoe

Angles the bottom of the downpipe to ensure water is channeled away from the base of the property.

At JTC Roofing, we supply and install metal roof lines and rainwater systems for domestic and commercial clients. We can design and install full guttering systems, as well as fascias and soffits to suit your roofline and your property. We can also design these roofline systems side by side with your new metal roof, to ensure seamless style and completely efficient performance. To find out more, simply contact us today.


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